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Forget the rules. I AM the rule.

The strongest dominates the weak.

31 January
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Prince of Tennis, Inuyasha (yet, I stopped watching it) Full Metal Alchemist, School Rumble, Ultra Maniac, Honey and Clover, Bokura ga Ita “we were there” (why? It’s because it’s my own love story back at high school, only thing is…I got different ending), Kyou Kara Maou? Saiyuki, Jigoku shoujo, Detective School Q, Clamp School Detectives, Special A, La Corda D’ Oro ~primo passo~ and ~secondo passo~, Ranma ½, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Super Gals!, Death Note, Ghost Hunt, Vampire Knights, Blood , Hana Yori Dango, Lunar Legend Tsukihime, Hot Gimmick,

Characters Ore-sama LuvZ!:

Prince Of Tennis: (The captains) Tezuka Kunimitsu, Atobe Keigo, (Tensais) Oshitari Yuushi, Fuji Syusuke… Mukahi Gakuto(why? Were both stupid? hehe) Hiyoshi Wakashi, Sengoku Kiyosumi, Shinji Ibu, Kajimoto Takehisa, Yagyuu Hiroshi, Oshitari Kenya, Shiraishi

Inuyasha, kikyo, Sesshomaru, Roy Mustang (FMA), Tetsushi Kaji, Hiroki Tsujiai, Yuta Kirishima (ultra maniac), Conrad Weller, Shinou heika (Kyou kara maou), Cho Hakkai (saiyuki), Ichimoku Ren (jigoku shoujo), Tsukimori Len, Ryoutaro tsuchiura (La Corda D' Oro)


Pillar Pair, Royal Pair, Imperial Pair, NOVEL PAIR..(nice combination..i think), Sanada-Echizen pair, Tango Pair (sometimes)

Len-Kaho, Ryoutaro-Kaho, Kikyo-Sesshoumaru, Shikamaru-Sakura


The tale of Two Sisters, Memento Mori, Infection, The Ring, The grudge, The Aaart of the Devil...oh and lots of horror movies still on my list. Inuyasha: Affection TouchingAcross time, Inuyasha: Fire on the Mystic Island, Inuyasha: The CAstle Beyond the Looking Glass, Full Metal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala,

Song: (anime)

Atobe- Valentine Kiss (Atobe & Oshitari version), Insight, Hakubone

Echizen- Rising, Future (Echizen version), Clear, dreaming on the radio, Life goes on, across my line

Tezuka- Never surrender, Arigatou

Dear Prince ~to all princes of tennis~, Kakaeta Kiseki, Flower, Fujouri, Keep on Dreaming, White Line, Wonderful Days, Say Hello, Say Goodbye, Departures, Don’t Look Back, Brand New Breeze, Brand New World, I am, Change the World


A ra shi, Love so sweet, Wish, Subarashiki sekai, Hero, La Familia, Flavor of life, One more time, Paradise,


Jun Matsumoto, Richard Gere,


Blue, Red, Green, Black, White, Purple, and Silver


Mathematics..dat's my major..History, Literatures..


Watching T.V. reading history books..(usually the book is about Myths and legends..also something about Dark Ages, witch crafting and stuffs), writing (not good at it though..not yet able to post my story aswell because im sooooooo busy right now) ohh yeah...Drawing


“You try to sound like you think about things, when in fact is, you’re not thinking at all.”

-Kourama (YuYu Hakusho)

“Don’t talk, it makes you sound stupid.”

-Yusuke Urumeshi

“The one who suffer from the loss of the game become stronger.”

-Tezuka Kunimitsu

“If someone wants to take away the ones I want to protect, I will kill them.”

-Kurogane (Tsubasa’s Reservoir)

“Nothing is perfect. The world isn’t perfect, but it keeps trying, doing the best it can. That makes it damn beautiful.”

-Roy Mustang (FMA)

“Human kind cannot gain anything without giving something in return. To obtain, something with equal value must be lost.”

-Elric Brothers (FMA)

“Even if you destroy the world, the world you wish for won’t come.”

-Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)

“I don’t have to believe in God to believe in myself.”

-Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki)

“The disturbance in the stitch, is the disturbance in the heart.”

-Annisina Von Khrennikov (Kyou Kara Maou)

“Use useful person even if they look suspicious.”

-Suzana Julia Von Wincott (Kyou Kara Maou)


“Yudan sezu ni ikkou.” -Tezuka

“Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na.” -Atobe

“Mada mada dane.” -Echizen

“GEKOKUJOU.” –Hiyoshi Wakashi

“Zannen munen matta raishuu” –Kikumaru



Fushigi Yuugi- not good in my eyes... i hate Miyaka. though i like Nakagou, Hotohori and Tazuki. KILL MIYAKA YUUKI!!

Aya Shino Ceres- Just like Fushigi Yuugi...

Fruits Basket, Naruto, Ragnarok, MAria Watches Over Us, Card Captor Sakura, Sakura Wars, Dear Boys, Slam Dunk.


Miyaka Yuuki, Kuabara (YuYu Hakusho), Naruto, Kiba, Toru Honda, Ryuuzaki Sakuno, Tachibana Ann (specially when she's paired with Atobe-sama), Tomoka Osakada (Prince Of Tennis), Kagome

Ranting Mode...

-Hyoutei are the best team!...But i do love Seigaku..Its just that Seigaku is a SANE team, that's why.I think of myself as “Gakuto” (Gakuto means stupid..hehe sorry Gakuto, I love you). Katsuno wa Hyoutei!! Yeah! I love them all except for Kabaji and Ootori. Kabaji’s sooo like Frankenstein, while Ootori-kun’s too nice, kind and humble to make bullying fun.

-I love Seigaku they’re 2nd in my list. Ohh, the stoic captain who’s too smart…I love him soooooo much. The sadistic tensai, the Inui juices, the mother hen and the never ending call for “O chibi!!”

-Rikkaidai Fuzoku-chuu, They’re like elementary students..Specially the innocent kirihara, the sadist chilg of god, the trickster, the gentleman, ohhh…I just love everyone there!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Oshitari Yuushi’s sooooooo hot!! I’m like trying to calm myself every time I thing of him…but I can’t stop myself from drooling over his picture on my cell phone, I made his picture my wall paper, isn’t that just like lusting over a imaginary something? Yet I find myself ignoring the fact that he’s not going to be in the same world as mine…

Atobe Keigo is my man! OMG! He’s just sooooooo good! Aside from Oshitari, I drool over him as well.

Oh yeah, I have this stupid moment when I day dream about atobe and Oshitari…yeah, really. This usually happens when I’m bored and just sitting on the floor in some corner in the library, where no one usually goes. Creepy isn’t it? My sister told me that that’s just like stupid. I know that already!

Oh! I almost forgot! dont you think Oshitari Yuushi and Takumi Nomiya lok like each other? well I do! now you know they do look like each other, think about it!

Some facts about Karyn.

1) Her obsession in anime started when she was in 1st year high school. She was watching one boring day, when she started scanning different channels and got stuck in an ANIME channel… later that day, she got hypnotized by them…oh the drama, when her niece managed to grab the remote from her grasp…I remember like it was yesterday.

2) Karyn’s tactful yet blunt; everything she says has some sort of double meaning. You can be sure she was saying something; she almost always means something else. If you’re asking ‘how did she become one?’ or ‘since when?’ well thanks to the people around her, she learned that from them. Since January, after her 18th birthday. Nice birthday gift, na?

3) Karyn’s not ARROGANT, that’s true. She cares. But she realized showing that she cares is an opening for weakness, and weakness is not something that she just realized recently she will never submit to. (Too late.)

4) Karyn is really a green eyed monster. Yes, really believe me. (I know myself when it comes to this.) It’s just that no one notice it yet.

5) Normally, Karyn walks fast. That was a fact since she was in elementary. But when she entered high school and met her “friends” who walks slower than an injured turtle, she slowed down for them, because she cares!

6) Karyn finds boys trouble some. She normally rants about them to her college friends. It’s like this…
“Boys are troublesome. Why? It’s because you need to text them every now and then, just to make them feel you care for them even though you aren’t. Texting them is also troublesome specially when you’re not in the mood to make ‘lambing’. Argh! The horror of them all!!”
But then if a certain boy tries to slowdown just to wait for her so that she could catch up to him…she’ll appreciate it. VERY MUCH!

7) Karyn is a good friend and a very good backstabber. (She’s doing this right now.)

8) Karyn’s planning about staying away from Mr. Bastard (oh nice one) in a noticeable yet unprovable way. Actually the plan is working right now. And she’s doing a good job.

9) Normally, Karyn wants to be ignored because she finds being ignored a peaceful escape to problems. Yet, recently… she regretted the thought. She realized its not fun being ignored.

10) Karyn read a story in the net while she was surfing. It had a character that was exactly like her. Karyn felt a deep connection with this character. She also loved that character’s catchphrase ‘GEKOKUJOU’ which means ‘beat someone on top and take over his place’. Now she’s planning to gekokujou her classmates secretly.
11) INSIGHT. Karyn usually sees the FLAWS her classmates and friends have. It’s good in a way that she could backstab them (for enemies), and yet, not good (for her friends) because she doesn’t want to think bad about them.

12) Recently Karyn started doing her own list. It helped her a lot because she’s not good in memorizing all them.

13) Karyn loves cat.

14) Karyn finds topic about ‘predictions’, ‘phobias’, ‘fictions’, ‘horror’, and ‘mysteries’ interesting.

15) Karyn loves anime. She loves ranting about it.