Hybrid Child and Junjou Romantica

What if Hybrid Child is where Junjou Romantica starts from?


What if:

Junjou Romantica

  • Misaki is the reincarnation of Kotaro

  • Usagi-san is the reincarnation of Hazuki

We can see how much Kotaro do his best for Hazuki. just like how Misaki deals with Usagi-san. Ans we can all see the JUNJOU ROMANCE there.



  • Nowaki is the reincarnation of Kuroda

  • Kamijou is the reincarnation of Tsukishima

Kuroda is the one who created the hybrid child right? and we can see that Nowaki is a doctor too. get the point? the second is Tsukishima, since he was appointed as a minister was it or something…it has something related to leadership. and then there’s Kamijou, that terrorizing professor in M university. a teacher is a leader.


It was also said that when they were still little, Kuroda found Tsukishima on his own, and invited him to play with them…was how their friendship starts. and on the other hand, was Nowaki found Kamijou crying on his own in the park while he was spending time with the old CEOs and he invited him too … to join them.

Lastly, It was said that Kuroda and Tsukishima has the same age, and grew up together? right. while Kamijou and Nowaki has a large age gap? was it like 6 years? YES. that. the fact that Tsukishima ended his life because he was taking responsibility as one of the head of the clan was probably the reason. since he deid earlier than Kuroda, he was reincarnated earlier than him. and probably 6 years or more probably later, Kuroda died too…that’s why he was younger. lol

the fact that Kuroda didnt admit his love for Tsukishima was probably the reason why Nowaki was so expressive of his love to kamijou. because it was too late when Kuroda expressed his feelings for Tsukishima…and it was the night before he like…ended his life.

that is why probably Nowaki was too expressive of his love towards Kamijou. because he doesnt want to let go of him again…doesn’t want to miss this chance again.



Junjou Terrorist

  • Miyagi is the reincarnation of Seya

  • Shinobu is the reincarnation of Yuzu

Okay, I dotn know what happened to Seya why he was quiet after tsukishima died…but the fact that his own hybrid child was seeking his attention was like how Shinobu tried to terrorize Miyagi’s being in JR. lol

We all know that Yuzu was the one who opened Seya’s heart after what happened, in where Seya was like taking responsibility as one of the survivors from the war. Meanwhile, Miyagi in JR was so chained in his past love—-to his sensei right…even though she’s already dead, and the one who opned him up was Shinobu…just like how Yuzu opened Seya’s heart again.


Oh well..im probably thinking too much. its just that…it gives me hell lot of feels…


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Writer's Block: The Fifth Dimension

If I could be in any fictional realm, I would pick...


I know its quite a waste if I would just waste my fictional world into this korean setting YAOI manga whatever... but you see, Im this obsess with moonkyul! I sooo love him! and if ever possible, I will try to make him MY MAN and not EWON JUNG's man. or any MAN's MAN. JUST MY MAN!
If you could enter any fictional realm, which would it be?
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i just want...

I just want an apology and a hug!
is that sooo FUCKING hard to give!?

and i also wanted some Spaghetti.

at least that would make me happy right?

im pissed! from head to toe!
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Watch Shin Tennis no Oujisama

Series Information

Title:        Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama
Type:       TV Series
Year:       Jan 5, 2012
Genre:     Shounen, Sports
Status:    Ongoing
Middle school students fought fiercely against one another in a national tournament. Now, 50 chosen representatives return to fight against high schoolers! The stage is the U-17 (Under Seventeen) Japanese Representative Training Camp. Middle school students have been invited for the first time to a camp known to produce the best Japanese tennis players. National champions from Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhoji...With all the rivals from the national tournament attending, everyone eagerly awaits their reunion. At first, the middle schoolers do not expect much from their high school opponents. However, the training camp is not so easy! Athletes with skills incomparable to those they previously faced and their mysterious coach appear before them. Faced with numerous demanding challenges, can the middle schoolers survive in this meritocratic training camp? The new chapter of Prince of Tennis begins here! 

Episode 1: The Return Of The Prince
Episode 2: The Gatekeeper Of Hell
Episode 3: Friendly Fire
Episode 4: The Captain's Choice
Episode 5: Winner and Losers
Episode 6: Cliff Of The Heart
Episode 7: Start From Zero
Episode 8: Special Mission
Episode 9: Evolution and Change
Episode 10: Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu
Episode 11: Promise
Episode 12: The Start of a Revolution
Episode 13: Towards Your New Brilliant Selves.
Episode 14:
Episode 15:
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Shin Tennis no Oujisama Quotes

[Shin Tennis no Oujisama a.k.a Prince of Tennis II Ep.1]

"Regardless if this is a den of monsters or even hell, we'll see this through the end, every last one us."
-Tezuka Kunimitsu 

[Shin Tennis no Oujisama a.k.a Prince of Tennis II Ep.2]

"I couldn't bear having you hate me."
-Oshitari Yuushi

No one steps onto the court thinking he'll lose..no matter who he's up against."
-Oshitari Yuushi

"No matter what happens...even if we're pitted each other...We'll always give it our all."
-Kikumaru Eiji
"Yeah, that's what it means..."
-Oishi Shuichirou
"...to be the GOLDEN PAIR!"
- Seigaku no GOLDEN PAIR!

[Shin Tennis No Oujisama Ep.4]
"Once you're at the top, you'll be everyone's target. But the man at the top must protect his seat at all cost."
-Atobe Keigo 

[Shin Tennis No Oujisama Ep.6]
"We'll stare back at those who mock us and beat the arrogance out of them. dont back down. dont be afraid. Dont look back."
"Leave no one behind. We'll all rise up together!"
-Sanada Genichirou

 [Shin Tennis No Oujisama Ep.12]
"Understanding the emotions of others is a gift and a curse."
-Irie Kanata
"Don't dream so small. Aim for the court of kings, Court 1."
-Atobe Keigo